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Bidding Methods

Bidding in the Room

Bidding in the room is available for some of our auctions. Where there is bidding in the room, bidders can arrive at the auction-house to bid during the auction or before the commencement of the auction. Viewing is not available on auction day normally, unless by special prior arrangement with us.

On arrival all bidders register at reception to receive a bidding card, new bidders will need to enter their details and ID may be required, returning clients may not have to complete details (depending on when they last registered).

It is good practice to bid by raising the bidding card supplied as this is the best way of getting the attention of the auctioneer. Once the lots that were of interest have been offered, then the bidder can leave the auction room and pay for any lots won by chip and pin. We ask that room bidders pay by chip and pin on the day and then if possible collect their lots with a member of our team. If the bidder wishes to return on another occasion to collect, then please make this known to a member of the team. We can arrange delivery with local carriers if this is required.

Telephone Bidding

Bidding live on the phone is available for some of our auctions. When telephone bidding is available, the lines need to be booked strictly by 12pm the day prior to the auction. To book a telephone bid(s) a form is required to be completed and returned. We require all telephone bidders to register with us online. Returning clients may already be registered but are still required to complete the telephone bidding form. Telephone bidding forms can be emailed to you on request.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse telephone bids on discretion for low value lots and for other reasons of our choosing.

During the auction a team member will call the bidder a few lots before the first booked lot. Note that the call may be from a UK cell / mobile phone. The team-member will ask at the appropriate moment whether the bidder would like to place a bid. The bidder needs to respond quickly with a clear 'yes' or 'no'.

Live Bidding Online

All our 'live' auctions have live bidding online. Bidders are required to register their details including their debit card details from the catalogue page. Please note that credit cards are not valid, only debit cards.

We operate our own Live Bidding system which does not incur a surcharge as opposed to other partner bidding systems (such as Please ensure that you are registered with us before you bid and call us if unsure.

When you are bidding Live please bid quickly and do not hover your cursor over the bidding button as this will slow the auction down. Please note that it is better to watch the numbers (the digital prices) rather than the audio or video as there can be a time delay,

Commission Bidding

Commission bidding is when the bidder leaves their maximum price on a lot(s) that they are prepared to pay, thus avoiding live bidding or room bidding. Bidders do this online through the catalogue page on our website. Registration is required as above.

The auctioneer does not jump to a bidder's maximum bid, the bids will start at one bid up from the second highest bidder or where there is a reserve.

Timed Auctions

Timed auctions are a relatively new bidding system for fine art auctioneers, but are becoming increasingly popular. In a timed auction, there is no auctioneer taking bids from a live audience in a room. Instead, bids can be placed online, on each lot for a defined period of time. Once the time-period expires, the bidder who has submitted the highest bid wins the lot, provided the bid exceeds the reserve price.

As a bidder, you can enter a max bid – the most you are willing to bid, and we do the rest. We will bid intelligently for you, only enough to meet the reserve or stay in the lead. We won’t share your maximum bid with the seller, other bidders, or anyone else.

If a bid is placed in the final few minutes of the auction, the end-time will be extended to protect against ‘sniping’ – the practice of bidders placing bids in the last few seconds preventing other bidders responding. The auction house can set the extension time but typically on a bid placed in the final 10 minutes extends the lot's end-time by 10 minutes.

You’ll see your ‘current bid’ when you log in and view the lot (often it will be less than your ‘maximum bid’). If someone bids higher than your maximum, we will send you an ‘outbid alert’ via email to let you know, so you can decide whether or not to bid more.

Imminent Auctions

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