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Stephen 'Steve' Roberts 1960-2024

We are devastated to announce the death of our north Wales valuer Stephen Roberts.

Steve was a highly thought of member of the Rogers Jones team who gave us unwavering loyal service since 2014. He will be sincerely missed by us all at the company.

I also know that he will be missed by many of our customers, especially those in the antique trade who will have known Steve from his days as an antique dealer before joining Rogers Jones & Co. Steve was widely known in north Wales and considered one of the most experienced in the region.

Always a pleasure to work with, Steve was consistently calm and considered in his dealings with clients and colleagues. And he was highly regarded by many for his tenacious research and thorough cataloguing.

Steve was a gentleman of the north Wales antique trade who will be truly missed by his colleagues. Our sincere condolences to Helen and the Roberts family, and to all his friends.

Stephen 'Steve' Roberts 1960-2024

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