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Another Harry Potter creates magic at auction!

Rare editions of Harry Potter have been commanding serious prices at auction. None more so than in our Selections & Collections auction in July when an uncorrected proof copy of 'Chamber of Secrets', realised an auction record of £11,000.

The rare book by J K Rowling was in paperback format and came with original blue & white printed wrappers, with the proof design for a dust-jacket bearing alternative footer quote. The previous record for this edition was £7,500 in 2021 showing a considerable rise in the value over the last year or so.

The book generated worldwide interest with bids from Argentina, France, USA and the UK but on the day a retracted bidding battle was fought out by two online bidders in the UK, after an American bidder started the proceeding at £7000.

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Sold £11000

This latest edition comes hot off the heels of another paperback Harry Potter edition we sold in 2021, which realised £3800. The first edition of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', contained the errors which make such volumes rare and valuable; 1 wand' appears twice on p.53, 'Philosopher's' is misspelled 'Philospher's' to rear cover and with 'Wizardry and Witchcraft' to rear cover, rather than 'Witchcraft and Wizardry'!

Sold £3800

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