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Motoring Antiques / Automobilia

Automobilia is the term used to describe anything related to motor cars, motor racing and garages or really to do with mechanically propelled vehicles. And we have sold many such lots over the years; from vintage and classic cars, petrol associated products, signage, carbide lamps, desirable registration plates, merchandise, driving accessories, toys and so much more. And as with other apparent ‘man cave’ collectables such as railway, cinema memorabilia and sporting items, the market for automobilia is motoring along very nicely.

Many of automobilia collectables were once a common sight at garages and besides the road but today at auction they are hotly contested where car and bike enthusiasts look to display these nostalgic pieces in their garages, sheds and even their living rooms. The obvious appeal to the collector is the trip down memory lane and very often this is a trip to when they were young children tinkering with fathers in the garage on the pride and joy.

The classic car and motorcycle markets are ever changing, with some cars from as late as the 1980s now commanding breath-taking prices. But when it comes to the memorabilia, earlier items are usually in better demand, while the keen collectors are aware of the abundance of reproductions which they stay awa from, and new collectors need to be wary.

Recently we sold a fantastic one owner collection of car mascots with bidding taking place from all over the world. Below are some highlights from this auction together with other related collectables we have sold over the years including the classic car or motorcycle itself.

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