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British & Continental Art

Ever since we began auctioneering in 1992 art has been very central to our business and in over a quarter of century, we have seen demands evolve for various styles, artists, and periods.

It is dangerous to make sweeping statements about how the market differs now to how it was in 1992, as there are always exceptions. But we would tentatively say that overall, the market for twentieth century artists is far stronger than it was, while the market for 19th Century works is overall weaker.

The internet has been a wonderful assistant in ensuring that the collectors of artists find their lots. It no longer matters if the painter is Dutch, French, Australia, American or from South Africa as the technology marries the collector and artist seamlessly.

One of our most memorable moments at the saleroom was with the L S Lowry we sold in 2019 which realised £65,000 despite its diminutive size.

Below is a selection of British & Continental art that we have sold at our salerooms in the recent auctions with prices noted.

Art can be valued free of charge without obligation. Please contact:

North Wales - Stephen Roberts

South Wales - Philip Keith

West Wales - Charles Hampshire

Imminent Auctions


Antique & Vintage

25 January 2022 10:00 AM
Colwyn Bay Saleroom, North Wales

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IMG 4557

Antique & Vintage

1 February 2022 10:00 AM
Colwyn Bay Saleroom, North Wales


IMG 4297

Fine Art & Interiors

4 February 2022 10:00 AM
Cardiff Saleroom, South Wales

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