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Sat 24 March 2018, 10:30 AM - Cardiff Saleroom, South Wales

The Welsh Sale

Lot 11

MOSTLY BY WILLIAM WILLIAMS, A FASCINATING COLLECTION OF BOUND SEVENTEENTH CENTURY HANDWRITTEN TEXTS IN JOURNAL FORM ¦1.The initial page entitled `A Short COMPENDIUM of Mirch`ts Accounts` by William Williams 1685 and the first seven pages being an inventory of transactions for the years 1684/5 in respect of mortgages, funerals, servants wages, household goods, cloth, wheat and sugar etc. ¦2.The next short section of the journal being a Biblical passage before a new title `A Mystery for some to understand & others to mock: vix Three Birds Dialoguing` The Eagle, the Dove & the Raven or A Token of Recommendation to the Brittains Anno 1643, before the Coming of 666, the mystical number - written in welch by M lloyd of Wrexham - translated by Caleb Williams 1675 - Rewritten by W W begun 1684 Jun 22`, this title then relates to the next section of handwritten passages within 208 numbered pages (each with the title `A Dialogue Between Two Birds`). ¦3. This then proceeded by the next title `A Short and Wonderfull Account of the Life & Visions of Hans Englebrecht - A German: 1662 Taken out of A Large Treatise Which Was Written by Himself in the German Tongue - Translated into English by Cochyne`, the bottom of the same page is then signed Anne Jones, the next page Thomas Jones and dated 1720 and 1730, the next fifteen pages of the manuscript relate to Englebrecht. ¦4.The journal for approximately 21 pages is then a Welsh transcription of `Llythr ir Cymru Cariadus` (a published work by the Welsh literature figure Morgan Llwyd) it is then signed off `Morgan Lloyd` twice (the English translation of Morgan Llwyd). The pages then continue with an English translation of the same passages by Llwyd and ending `Note the Epistle was printed in Welsh (M Ll Author) & now translated into English by W Wms Sept 5 Ano 1686`. ¦5.The next long section (believed approx 100 pages) of the journal is an English transcript of the Ancient Greek text `Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus`. The journal then concludes with mainly English but also Welsh various shorter passages of poetry, texts in morality etc and including `Tidings of a Certain Welshman` `Sir Henry Vane`s Face of the Times`, ` Prophwydoliaeth` etc

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