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Fri 06 December 2019, 10:00 AM - Cardiff Saleroom, South Wales

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AUTOGRAPHED NOTEPAPER BY SUFFRAGETTE AMY SANDERSON inscribed `Votes for Women, Amy Sanderson, Albert Hall, Swansea, 25th May, 1909` Sanderson was a leading member of the Women`s Freedom League and arrested twice as a result of her protests. In February 1907 she was imprisoned for taking part in the Women`s Parliament deputation to the House of Commons and the following year arrested and imprisoned when taking part in a deputation to Asquith at his house in Cavendish Square. The Albert Hall in Swansea was the location of the touring `Pageant of Famous Women`¦Provenance: The Late John Williams, Swansea based antique dealer¦Auctioneer`s Note: the autographs are being offered to auction in good faith and the provenance is, in our opinion, impeccable however the authenticity / originality of each signature cannot be guaranteed by the auctioneers or vendor, neither can we guarantee that every signature listed on the vendor`s list is accurate¦¦¦¦

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